Think Quest Adminstrators


In the project students create their own web pages where they post articles of their interest, poems, stories, interesting pictures, audio clips, video clips etc. They visit each others websites and exchange useful information. They use website to undertake projects after collecting material from the web on some interesting topics from their curriculum.

The content on the students' websites is regulated by the teacher administrator of the school. Teachers also create their web pages and provide useful and interesting material to the students. 

The Vidyalaya with 2 Computer Labs and 57 Computers with a Broad Band  16Mbps facility is promoting the creative urge of the students and fulfill their need to share information, ideas, thoughts etc. At the same time our students are able to learn the skills needed to meet the challenges of emerging knowledge scenario


Project in K V Sambra

Name & Designation of Teacher Administrators of

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Mr.Ravi Rathod